Latin American Art Booming says NY Times

In the front page of the Art Section of the New York Times on December 4th, Kate Taylor's piece on the Miami Basel Art Fair, noted that:

Latin American galleries seemed to be thriving. That's not unusual, given Miami's geographical proximity and the fact that many Latin American collectors have homes here, but what was new this year was the level of interest in Latin American art from museums.

Anne Strauss, an associate curator in the 19th century, Modern and Contemporary department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, was at the fair on Wednesday specifically to look at Latin American art, and was apparently not the only museum representative doing so. The Mexican gallery kurimanzutto sold a Jonathan Hernández collage to the Miami Art Museum, and a sculpture by Abraham Cruzvillegas was reserved for another American institution, according to the gallery owners ...

The article continued with a lengthy account of a large installation by the Brazilian artist Ernest Neto that had been inspired by the Jose Luis Borges short story, "The Circular Ruins.